Faults in your garage door motor: Causes and Solutions

Nov 7, 2023 | Maintenance

Automatic garage doors have become an essential convenience in our homes. However, when your garage door motor starts to malfunction, it can be a frustrating and challenging experience. In this article, we will explore the most common causes of faults in your garage door motor and effective solutions to resolve them.

Automatic garage doors are a marvel of modern technology that provides convenience and security. But, like any other mechanical device, the motors of these doors can experience faults over time. One crucial point is maintenance, as improper or non-professional maintenance can lead to irreparable faults, necessitating a visit to a garage door motor store to acquire a new one.

Possible causes of faults in your garage door motor

Garage door opener failure

One of the most common issues is a garage door opener that exhibits some form of problem. If your garage door does not respond to the opener, check the batteries. It is advisable to try opening or closing your garage door with a second opener. If the second one also fails to activate the motor, it may be damaged. Conversely, if the second one works, you should rule out issues with the batteries or the signal.

Electrical power issues

Interruptions in the electrical supply can affect the motor’s operation. Ensure that the power supply is stable and there are no power outages. It is possible that there has been a voltage surge, which can cause faults in the garage door motor. Typically, this is a fault covered by insurance, but you should verify it by hiring the services of a specialist.

Wear and tear of parts

Over time, mechanical parts wear out. Gears, chains, and pulleys may require maintenance or replacement. Torsion springs in tilt-up and sectional doors are also components that can experience wear and even break after several years. It is always advisable to replace them as a pair, as replacing only one may lead to an imbalance.

Obstructions in the path

Obstacles in the path of the door, such as stones or toys, can force the door and, consequently, the motor, to malfunction. Ensure that the area is clear.

Programming issues

Incorrect motor programming can lead to misunderstandings with the garage door opener. Test it with a second opener, and if it works, you will need to reprogram the opener into the receiver. In the case of residential complexes, it is especially important to have specialized technicians, such as those from Grupo Icara, perform this service; otherwise, the receiver’s memory may be completely erased, requiring the reprogramming of all openers.

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