Protect Your Garage with Weatherproofing

Nov 22, 2023 | Garage Door, Maintenance

Weatherproofing your garage door is essential to keep out the elements and maintain a comfortable and energy-efficient garage space. One effective method to achieve this is by using garage door weatherstripping. Here are some steps to weatherproof your garage door with weatherstripping:

Choose the Right Weatherstripping:

Select the appropriate type of weatherstripping material for your garage door. The most common options are vinyl, rubber, or foam weatherstripping. Make sure it is designed for garage door use and can withstand temperature variations and weather exposure.

Measure and Cut:

Measure the dimensions of your garage door panels and cut the weatherstripping to match. Ensure that you have enough weatherstripping to cover all sides of the door, including the top and bottom.

Clean and Prepare the Surface:

Before applying the weatherstripping, clean the surface of the garage door thoroughly. Remove any dirt, dust, or existing weatherstripping material to ensure a secure attachment.

Apply Weatherstripping to the Sides and Top:

Start by applying weatherstripping to the vertical sides of the garage door. Peel off the backing and press the weatherstripping firmly along the edges, sealing any gaps. Repeat the same process for the top of the door.

Seal the Bottom:

Install a garage door threshold seal along the bottom of the door to prevent drafts, moisture, and pests from entering. Ensure that the seal creates a tight barrier when the door is closed.

Seal the Corners:

Pay special attention to the corners of the garage door. Cut and install corner seals or weatherstripping to prevent air and water infiltration at these vulnerable points.

Test for Proper Seal:

Close the garage door and inspect the edges, corners, and threshold for any gaps or areas where the weatherstripping may not be making proper contact. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure a tight seal.

Maintain and Replace as Needed:

Regularly inspect the weatherstripping for wear and tear. Over time, weatherstripping can deteriorate due to exposure to the elements. Replace any damaged or worn weatherstripping to maintain the effectiveness of your weatherproofing.

By properly weatherproofing your garage door with weatherstripping, you can keep out cold drafts, rain, snow, and pests while also improving the overall energy efficiency of your garage. This not only creates a more comfortable environment but also helps protect any belongings stored in the garage and can potentially lower energy costs.

If you want us to do the work to be sure that the job was done well, do not hesitate to contact us through our communication channels.

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